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Facebook Auto Traffic Software Review

This software is new, (released in March) but is already being used by thousands of people looking to upscale their Facebook Marketing. In my opinion, you run less risks having accounts banned when using this software.

When you first open the software this is the screen you will see:

facebook auto traffic software 1 300x168 Facebook Auto Traffic Software Review

As you can see there are a number of different functions available via the tabs at the top of the screen

These are:

Þ   Profile and Account Setup

Þ   Group Activities

Þ   Friend Requests

Þ   Miscellaneous Tasks

Þ   Automated Tasks

Þ   Projects Log Reviewer

 Profile and Account Setup:

facebook auto traffic software 2 300x116 Facebook Auto Traffic Software Review

Each FB account is referred to as a ‘Project’

This section allows you to create new FB accounts and save them as a ‘project file’ automatically

 You can also enter existing accounts into the system here and it will create a ‘project file’ for them too

 Each field in this section needs to be completed

Project Name: This should be the email address for the FB account

 Email Address: As Above

Password: This is the FB account password if entering an existing account or the password you wish to use if it will be a new account

First Name: First name of the FB Account

Last Name: Last name of the FB Account 

Sex: Ensure you specify the gender of the FB account

facebook auto traffic software 3 300x119 Facebook Auto Traffic Software Review

Once each of these fields is complete hit the ‘Play’ button 

The software will then tell you that you have created a new project folder…

This will be automatically saved to the C Drive (the same place as your FB Auto Traffic Software)

facebook auto traffic software 4 300x204 Facebook Auto Traffic Software Review

At the same time the software also creates the new FB profile / account using the details you enter

You receive some warning messages from the software during this process…

facebook auto traffic software 5 300x158 Facebook Auto Traffic Software Review

As you can see in the screenshot above the software has added the details entered into the account sign up box and provided a warning with instructions of what to do.

facebook auto traffic software 6 300x65 Facebook Auto Traffic Software Review

Once complete, your new account will be created and the software will login into the account.

On occasion FB does require account verification via text

I recommend for this you simply purchase a cheap sim card (we purchase cards @ $2 from the SUN Network in the Philippines)

If the account was an existing one or one you have already created a project for, you simply need to enter the account password and click on the FB login button.

This is how you set up and log into your accounts with FB Auto Traffic.

Your accounts have their own folders within the ‘Project’ folder.

facebook auto traffic software 7 300x66 Facebook Auto Traffic Software Review

This will be used everytime the software logs into your account(s) and will keep a record of everything you do with your account(s).

Group Activities:

facebook auto traffic software 8 300x215 Facebook Auto Traffic Software Review

As you can see there are several functions available here.

First you need to draw your attention to the ‘Project File to Open’ section (this will apply to ALL of the functions you perform using FB Auto Traffic)

When you select browse… go to the C Drive

Locate the ‘Projects’ folder

Open this and you will see the accounts that you have created

facebook auto traffic software 9 300x66 Facebook Auto Traffic Software Review

Choose the account name you are using within the software and open it, this is what you will see

facebook auto traffic software 10 300x220 Facebook Auto Traffic Software Review

The file to select is the ‘project-details’ file.

This is the file you need to enter everytime you see the ‘Project File to Open’ and ‘Browse’ function

Once you have done this you can move on and select the function you want the software to perform

facebook auto traffic software 11 300x215 Facebook Auto Traffic Software Review

Group Search

With this software, you can laser target your group searches by entering a ‘Keyword’ in the box provided e.g. Internet Marketing

Then specify the number of members you want the groups to have (this is useful if you want to target a large number of people)

 Then select ‘Group Search’ and hit ‘Play’ the software will search all of the groups on FB featuring that keyword and with the number of members specified.

Saving their details including the url of the group into a .csv file within your project / account folder

facebook auto traffic software 12 300x100 Facebook Auto Traffic Software Review

You can use this data to contact group owners for Joint Ventures

Join Groups and Get Friends 

This function works in the same way as above… specify keyword, group size and then select ‘Join Groups and Get Friends’ 

The software will then identify groups and join them for you automatically

 Whilst also scrapping the group for members and adding these potential friends to a .csv file within your project / account folder

facebook auto traffic software 13 300x111 Facebook Auto Traffic Software Review

All of The Above

When you select this function the software will both create a list of groups that you can JV with.

Join groups and extract the group members into a file for you ALL on autopilot.

Friend requests:

facebook auto traffic software 14 300x95 Facebook Auto Traffic Software Review

This function will allow you to automatically make friend requests to the members of the groups you have just joined or scrapped…

Once again select the ‘project-details’ file from within the project folder using the browse facility

You are then ready to continue. 

There are two functions you can perform here:

Add Friend Requests

Cancel Friend Requests 

Adding Friend Requests:

Enter the number of friends you wish to add (I don’t recommend more than 20 per day)

Enter a short message in the ‘Friend Request Message’ box this ensures your request is seen as personal and not automated

Next select ‘Add Friend Requests’ in the ‘Action to Perform’ box

Then hit ‘Play’

The software will go to your project folder and begin to send friend requests to the people on the list extracted from the groups.

facebook auto traffic software 15 300x111 Facebook Auto Traffic Software Review

Once it has sent friend requests to the number of people you specified then it will let you know it is complete.

The software also allows you can make the friend request messages sent unique with the use of spinable text. For example:


I {see|notice|think|} we have some similar {interests|hobbies|} so thought you might {like|want} to connect? 

Have a {good|great|fantastic} day


Your Name

What the software will then do is randomly choose between the different word variants within the parenthesis.

The Next function you can perform is:

Cancel Friend Requests

Because the software is adding friends and you may not be checking to see who has accepted and who has not, this function cancels any friend requests that have not been accepted.

The software will again use the same file as it did to add friends but will check to see if the request has been accepted and if not will cancel that request.

This again will reduce the chance that FB will think you are using automation software.

 I recommend you run this function at least 3 times per week on each account (if you are adding friends daily).

facebook auto traffic software 16 300x90 Facebook Auto Traffic Software Review

Miscellaneous Tasks

The miscellaneous tasks function tab gives you 4 task options you can perform 

Þ   Post to Wall

Þ   Manual Post Comment

Þ   Add Likes

Þ   Delete Mail

Once again before you begin you need to ‘Browse’ for and add to the ‘Project File to Open’ box the ‘project-details’ file for the account you are using

Post to Wall

The post to wall function will allow you to add a status update to the account on autopilot. 

To do this and to help with the automation functions in the next step here’s what you should do:

Create two text files (.txt), one called Message.txt and the other Ads.txt

 The ‘Message’ file will be used for updates and the ‘Ads’ file will be used for posting links to your wall.

 In ‘Message’ file write one line of text

e.g. Going out to dinner tonight with friends (Be sure to keep each status update one single line in length.)

Create as many updates as you like.

Then in the ‘Ads’ file write one line of text this time advertising something (an affiliate offer for example)

e.g. I just purchased this great new marketing tool check it out here: insert url

I recommend you use Bit.Ly to shorten your affiliate links this will help you to keep the sentence length compact.

Again create as many of these as you like.

Next, add these to .txt files to the project folder of the account you are using or to all of the accounts if you have multiple accounts.

facebook auto traffic software 17 300x101 Facebook Auto Traffic Software Review

The software will then post one of the ‘Messages’ or ‘Ads’ you have pre written to your wall. 

Giving preference to the ‘Message’ files so as not to make your updates look too spammy.

Manual Post Comment

The manual post comment function when selected will search your wall for posts and updates from friends and give you the opportunity to manually add a response.

This function is manual to ensure the responses are relevant to the users post/comment.

Add Likes

The add likes function requires that you enter a keyword again so as to make the search specific.

Simply add the keyword in the keyword box, select ‘Add Likes’ from the ‘Action to Perform’ box and click ‘Play’

The software will identify and like pages according to your keyword.

Delete Mail

Select this function and hit the ‘Play’ button and the software will login to the account and delete any messages you have been sent.

Automated Tasks

facebook auto traffic software 18 300x79 Facebook Auto Traffic Software Review

In this section you get to set ALL the previous functions on COMPLETE autopilot AND on Multiple Accounts.

You’ll notice this time you have the opportunity to add 6 ‘Project’ files… that means you can run the functions available within this section on 6 accounts automatically.

To run these multiple accounts you will need to use the ‘Browse’ function besides each ‘Project’ box.

Select the ‘Projects’ folder from within the C Drive when you open this you will see ALL the accounts you have available.

facebook auto traffic software 19 300x66 Facebook Auto Traffic Software Review

Starting with the ‘First Project’, open the first ‘Account’ file and click on the ‘project-details’ file.

facebook auto traffic software 20 300x106 Facebook Auto Traffic Software Review

Then move on to the second and so forth repeating these steps each time selecting a new ‘Account’ file and clicking on the ‘project-details’ file within that folder.

Once you have completed this for as many accounts as you want to run you are ready to select the functions you want completed.

Þ   Group Search

Þ   Add Friends From Groups

Þ   Perform Friend Requests

Þ   Add Likes

Þ   Post To Wall

Þ   Manual Post Comment

Þ   Delete Facebook Mail

Simply place a tick in the box for each function you wish performed on each account.

The ‘Add Likes’ and ‘Manual Post Comment’ boxes have an asterix next to them because these functions have a human requirement to them so I suggest unless you are going to be at the computer while the automation process cycles you leave these unchecked.

You can do these later using the functions in the ‘Miscellaneous Tasks’ section.

Once you have selected the functions you want performed and you have entered your ‘Accounts’ into the Project boxes, you’ll want to apply specific settings to each ‘Account’ before hitting play.

 You can do this by clicking on the ‘Settings’ button in the top left corner of the screen (as below)

facebook auto traffic software 211 300x91 Facebook Auto Traffic Software Review

Once you click on this you will be presented with the option to create settings for each of the six projects, click on each one and you will see the following screen

facebook auto traffic software 22 300x203 Facebook Auto Traffic Software Review

You can specify a keyword for ‘Group Search’ and enter ‘Minimum Group Members’, a keyword for ‘Likes’ and enter a ‘Friend Request Message’ Once complete click ‘OK’, then continue and create settings for each of the accounts. When you have entered settings for all of the accounts you have selected, click ‘Play’.

The software will automatically login to the first account and perform each of the actions you have selected on that account to completion before moving onto the next and you don’t have to do a thing!

When the software has completed the task for all of the accounts entered… simply add another batch to start again.

The software will use the text files added in the ‘account’ folders to add status updates on each account automatically!

The last and final component of the FB Auto Traffic software is the ‘Project Log Reviewer’

To use this simply use the ‘Browse’ facility to add the relevant ‘project-details’ file and click ‘Play’.

facebook auto traffic software 23 300x126 Facebook Auto Traffic Software Review

The software will return of the activities performed on that particular account for that day.

This will really enable you to upscale your Facebook marketing and is currently being used by top internet marketers.

I hope you enjoyed reading this post!

Thank you for visiting my blog

Feel free to contact me at if you are interested in having me coach you on how to make money online thanks to automated internet marketing software tools!

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